Volkswagen Golf


Volkswagen Golf Review

The Golf GTI was the starting point for the hot hatch sector. Recent GTI introductions have lacked the desirability of the iconic Mk1. The Mk5, complete with powerful turbocharged petrol engine and a distinctive styling, is expected to make up for lost ground and hold its own with the competition.

Since the first car’s launch in the 1970s, the Golf GTI has been regarded as the benchmark in the hot hatch sector. Increased competition in the years to follow meant the Golf GTI might have trouble keeping up. This Mk5 variant is VW’s attempt at cgetting back in the game and bringing some serious competition to its rivals. The GTI now focuses on providing an enjoyable driving experience. The car now comes with a 197bhp turbo petrol motor. The company has also gone with more aggressive styling, and has improved the car’s ride and handling capabilities as well. The car can turn a fast pace, provide an excellent ride and super handling, and provides all of the practicality of a conventional hatchback. The car’s enthusiasm is quite impressive.


 The Golf GTI could be considered good value for money when looked at as a fast  all-rounder. VW’s above average build quality, positive image and sound residuals make the car’s asking price look quite reasonable. Insurance rates will be fairly high, and the car is thirsty when driven hard. The Golf is capable of transporting a small family with plenty of head, leg and elbow room to satisfy most people. The VW’s glovebox and door pockets still prove useful for drinks, maps and mobile phones. As you’d expect, the car’s rear seat splits and folds to create additional cargo space. The car has a practical, well thought-out cabin, and the Golf’s instruments are easy to use and read. The cars controls boast an average feel, but the car’s sporty looking sterring wheel gives the cabin an extra nice feel. The Golf GTI handles road imperfections quite well. The car delivers a noticeably firm ride, but not so firm that it is uncomfortable. The car’s front seats are heavily bolstered to provide extra lateral support, which means that larger passengers might feel less comfortable on longer trips, but most passengers should find them very comfortable. Unless the engine is being pushed to full potential then noise levels are successfully suppressed. The car provides good access and is easy to egress as well. The car’s doors open widely and make access a straight forward affair. The three-door variant provides better access for front seat passengers, while rear access is more restricted and requires passengers to climb over the folded front seats. Access to the car’s loadspace is also good. Parking the Golf is fairly simple. The car provides a lofty driving position, and the steering is light at low speeds making it easy to maneuver and park. Rear visibility is somewhat limited, and rear parking sensors off of the options list may be a good investment.

 Life Style

 The Golf GTI provides an excellent driving experience. The car provides good handling even at top speeds, and should please even the most enthusiastic driver. Grip is also good, and when driving through town at more moderate speeds the car is also easy to handle and provides a smooth and comfortable ride. The five-door version would make the most suitable choice as a family vehicle. The model range also boasts a split-fold rear seat, sufficient cabin space for most passengers and a decent size boot. The down-side is the lack of storage space to accommodate family related items. This is not the best first car on the market. For those who could afford the initial purchase price, insurance rates will be high, and the car may have too much power on offer for novice drivers. Golf is viewed with high regards and used to be a major contender in the hot hatch sector. Volkswagen has high hopes that the car’s GTI status will help to propel the car back to the iconic status that it once enjoyed.

 Security and Safety

 The car comes equipped with remote central locking, a security coded stereo, an engine immobiliser and a security alarm. The standard-fit alloy wheels come with locking bolts too. The car’s safety features include twin front, side and curtain airbags are standard, along with Isofix mounting points for the outer rear seats. Electronic safety aids run to the usual ABS and ESP.

 The Finishing Touches

 The car’s standard audio system comes with a ten-speaker radio-CD. The system can be upgraded to an armrest-located CD changer for a small price. Other cost options are available such as a colour screen sat-nav system, and a multifunction steering wheel. The car’s exterior looks the most flattering in red. For buyers who want a more sophisticated or discreet demeanor, black looks good too. The cabin receives sports seats.


 The Golf GTI Mk5 version is an excellent all-rounder. Whether cruising through town, or pushing it hard on the motorways, the Golf GTI will provide an excellent ride. The Golf will be appealing to a wide variety of buyers.