Volkswagen Golf


Is your car affected

Volkswagen have been working on a new webpage whereby you can enter your Vehicle Identification Number and some details of your car to find out whether or not your vehicle is affected by the software that is at the heart of the current scandal. There is a similar page on the Audi webpage, here they are:

We expect something similar over the next few days for Skoda and SEAT. So if you own anything from a second hand Volkswagen Tiguan to an Audi A1, find your VIN and find out whether your vehicle is affected. You can find your VIN on the front of your service book, the bottom left hand corner of the windscreen or in your MMI system under “Car” settings. If your vehicle is affected to don’t have to do anything yet, aside from wait for VW to get in touch and let you know what the plan is.

In case you’d forgot, here are the numbers that VW Group has said will need recalling:

  • VW passenger cars – 508,276
    • Audi – 393,450
    • SEAT – 76,773
    • Skoda – 131,569
    • VW commercial vehicles – 79,838

I’ve worked in the Industry for years at a Bingley MOT and Service center and I must say I am not surprised at all by this news in a sense that we all knew that the mpg stats etc could not be trusted, but I can’t deny that I am surprised about the scale of this scandal. Lets hope the people responsible for this despicable deception are held to justice.